Frequently asked questions

In the pictures, it looks like aircurv is outside the tub. Won’t water get all over my bathroom floor?

aircurv splits into two layers, we call panels, at the bottom. One panel goes inside the tub to keep water in, while the other panel stays outside the tub to keep aircurv in place.

How do I clean aircurv?

Just wipe aircurv with a damp microfiber cloth.

Does aircurv come in any other colors?

Currently, aircurv is available in crystal clear only.

It looks like aircurv will take up a lot of space in my bathroom.

When you’re finished showering, aircurv can be inverted into the shower. When inverted, aircurv gives you more space in your bathroom than a typical shower curtain.

Will aircurv work with my curved shower rod?

Absolutely! aircurv works with any shower rod, curved or straight.

Can I still use a decorative fabric outer curtain?

You sure can. When aircurv is inverted, with a decorative fabric outer curtain in place, aircurv is essentially invisible.

Do I need a pump to inflate aircurv?

No, in fact we strongly urge you not to use a pump to prevent overinflating. aircurv is easy to inflate by breath, and it only takes 4 or 5 breaths.

How long will aircurv stay inflated?

The inflation port on aircurv doesn’t create a perfect seal, so you may have to top aircurv up with a breath or two once every couple of weeks.

What if I want to bathe my child, how do I get aircurv out of the way?

Just deflate aircurv and push it over to one side like a typical shower curtain. When you’re finished bathing your child, re-inflate aircurv.

NOTE: The inflation port on aircurv has a one-way valve to make it easier to inflate. So, the easiest way to deflate aircurv is to insert something like a cocktail stirrer straw into the inflation port to hold the one-way valve open. Be sure not to use anything sharp, like a toothpick, which might puncture your aircurv.

Is aircurv patented?

Yes, aircurv is covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,549,644 and other pending applications and foreign patents.

When will aircurv be available in stores?

We're hoping aircurv will be available in stores soon. In the meantime, you can buy aircurv in our online shop:

Why did you leave the “e” off the end of aircurv?

Partly to be different, but mostly because the domain name was available.

What are the dimensions of aircurv?

aircurv is 74.8 inches tall and 77.2 inches wide.

Do we really need more plastic?

Our goal is to produce aircurv from recycled single-use plastic water bottles in the very near future.

Do I have to inflate it before every shower?

No, you only have to inflate aircurv once. After showering, you leave aircurv inflated and simply push the center of the inflated asterisk to invert it into the shower.